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The Mommy Team : Birth of an Idea


For something that has been done by humanity since we were around, pregnancy and childbirth still tends to send us all into collective panic mode, regardless of how many times we have handled a baby situation.   What are our priorities during pregnancy and after childbirth? The health of the mother and child, of course. That is why we have the OBGYNs, nurses, midwives, pedeiatricians and myriad other caregivers and providers. What comes next? That little newborn baby is well cared for. After that? Well, apart from the fact that we all wish we could get a little bit of shuteye, the bonding between mom and baby is really, really important. And this is where things tends to get a little hectic.    With the tonnes of new things to buy, the 10 different new schedules and charts (bottlefeeding, breastfeeding, dirty diaper, sleeptime and I am sure there are a few others) to follow, meet and greet sessions with the friends and relatives who suddenly drop by, and bonding times between mom and baby becomes precious. And then there is the little matter of everything one buys, suddenly becoming useless because lo and behold, little baby grows really fast!   This is what went through our minds as we went through the process of bringing our second daughter into this woorld; what if we had a team of helpers, to take care of these other activities while we spent time having a little bit more fun with baby? And then it hit us. Surely it does not need to be this hard. Surely there could be someone taking care of some of the more mundane chores of parenthood while mom and dad (and sisters and brothers) spent some quality time with the new bundle of joy.   Thus the idea of The Mommy Team was born. With two beautiful daughters behind us, we have some experience of what it takes to raise a newborn to toddler stage and beyond. We wanted to create a service that would relieve New Mom and New Dad some of the most basic chores they need to undertake – ensuring that there is enough “new baby” stuff for the big day and also that baby has enough of right sized clothes as he or she grows.   The Mommy Team services starts by asking the prospective mother about the expected date of delivery, or the date of birth if the baby has already been delivered. Using that information we create a set of 13 packages, starting with the aptly named “Starter Pack”. This includes clothes (onesies and bodysuits) of newborn and 0-3 M sizes (baby will be there before you know it), as well as other essential items such as bibs and burpclothes, washclothes, swaddle blankets, receiving blankets, towels. We have also includes caps to protect those little heads and mittens so that baby does not scratch herself. The “Starter Pack” will be followed by monthly packs with batches of clothes right sized for the baby, from 0-3M to 3-6M and so on.   To be clear on what we are providing, we aim to provide convenience. We know and understand that shopping for cute pinks or robust blues are a part of the experience of parenthood. This service is not to replace that. Instead, we aim to provide regular, day to day clothes that the new mom needs on hand, the basic items of everyday use. We want mom to have it all at hand, so that someone does not need a quick visit to the store because baby has suddenly outgrown all her stuff. Of course, you can always add more to your packets if you so wish. We provide that option too.   We have big plans on where we want to take this. One day, we would like to include other things that mom would need and must have at hand, like diapers, for example. We would like inputs from our readers and customers on what they would like have included in their packages. We cherish all your feedback and hope to do justice to them as much as possible.   For now, we are proud to present our new service : The Mommy Team. Thank you for your time and we hope you find this service useful.

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Anonymous at 8:41 PM
Hi, this sounds like a great idea. Can't wait to check it out nn1




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