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The Mommy Team : We finally launched


A few weeks back we were pleased to officially launch our subscription service for expecting a new moms – The Mommy Team. We also launched our presence on Facebook and Twitter. Since then we have had a deluge of restaurants and feedback. The feedback has ranged from positive (“great idea!!!”) to curious (“that’s interesting”) to wistfulness (“wish we had that when we had our baby”). We also had a lot of instructive feedback which we wish to take in our stride to improve ourselves.

On the whole, we felt that the overriding theme of the feedback proved that our vision of providing convenience to new moms makes sense. Many people have said that this is what they wished when they had their kids. Apparently there is something inherently comforting in the idea that there is someone standing beside you during your most physically and emotionally is availing moments to help and support you while you come to terms with the changes in your life. And that has been the goal of The Mommy Team since we launched; that bringing someone new to the world, no matter how many times you have done it or have seen it done, is physically and emotionally overwhelming.

Everyone who has gone through, or at least seen a pregnancy from close quarters, can possibly understand the additional physical strain, both before and after (not to mention during) the moment of birth. During the final days of pregnancy there is the physical discomfort and the frequent checkups (which might get annoying towards the end). There is the whole issue of actually giving birth. Finally, once the baby comes, the physical exertion takes on a whole new level, with the sleepless nights, the frequent feedings, post-partum and neonatal checkups and the whole business of wet (ewww!!!) and dirty (even more ewww!!!) diapers. The emotional ups and downs are something else yet again. There are the hormonal changes, mood swings and rising apprehension before the D-Day, the nail biting tension and the unspeakable joy at the arrival of the new one. And then it hits you. All of a sudden you, your partner and the rest of your family is responsible for the complete wellbeing of a tiny, vulnerable new person. Your entire world is going to revolve around this beautiful little creature, who for the past 9 or so months has been an integral part of you.

In the middle of all this, you still need to ensure that you are taking all the right steps in terms of you and baby’s health, that you are eating the right foods, taking the right medications and all the necessary precautions. You have to ensure that you are, indeed ready for motherhood.

And that is where we come in, by helping you be ready, not only for the pregnancy, but also in the immediate aftermath and beyond. We try to do that by ensuring that you have the right baby essentials at hand at birth and onwards as the baby grows.

We have just started on this journey. As we go along, we hope to bring even more offerings for new moms, such a diapers and baby foods. We also want to create a new mom’s forum; a network of support where other moms (and dads) can pitch in with their stories and experiences. We have a lot of plans, and a long way to go. We hope we have your best wishes on this wonderful journey.

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The Mommy Team

Welcome to our new service, where we attempt to make parenthood a little bit simpler for new parents.